Right timing!

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. I personally believe that everything happens for a reason. It could be for a life lesson, learning experience, to strengthen yourself, have a different, more prestigious opportunity in the future, etc. Unfortunately sometimes it takes years upon years to figure out why things happen when they do, however, sometimes you never really know, but that is the power of life. Expect the unexpected.

What I have learned during my life so far is to never be too serious, have a good time with friends, family, jobs, school, etc. Laugh as much as you can; studies show that increased laughter, increases your lifetime. Smile as much as you can. In high school, everyone would tell me that they only see me smiling. Even if you are upset, angry, or emotional… just by smiling, it can turn your mood around. The last advice I would like to give is to appreciate the small things and people in your life. Sometimes the small things are the most impactful things in your life that you experience. Also, you never know the last time you will see someone. Be grateful for each and everyday with each and every person you see or talk to.

Have a fantastic week! Enjoy the little things!

xoxo, Kayla G.