6 Fitness & Health Apps to Download

Our cell phones have become a huge part of our life now, and we seem to have them on us every second of every day. Not only do they let us communicate with those we need to be in touch with, but they also have a seemingly endless amount of apps that range from games to business tools. Since we’re all about fitness and health, below are 5 apps that help to maintain your healthy lifestyle! And not to mention, they’re also free.

  1. MyFitnessPal: This is ranked as one of the top calorie counter apps, as it is easy and simple to use. It also has one of the largest food databases as well!
  2. Spring: This fun app makes working out more exciting, since you get to listen to a customized playlist as you go!
  3. Fooducate: This app is educational and easy to use, which is the best part about it. When you are at the grocery store, you can scan the barcode of an item of food, and it shows you the nutrition facts and even lists healthy alternatives. Still not sure? Look around and see the reviews of the app- it is hard to find one lower than 5 stars!
  4. Moves: Download this app for a great and simple tracker for everyday exercise. All you need to do is keep your phone in your pocket or your purse and you will have a full count of your daily steps and exercises!
  5. Lark: Lark is a health app that uses low-power sensors that tracks your daily activity, sleep, and eating. It is your “personal champion”, and it roots for you and encourages you to become an overall healthier person. You also have the option to chat with Lark, and gives you personalized progress reports.
  6. Fitocracy: This app is interactive and personal, allowing you to chat with others to inspire and motivate in your workouts, at the same time as focusing on your specific goals. You’ll feel as if you’re a part of a larger fitness community, making it more fun and challenging!