6 Tips to Take Your Pilates Practice from Good to Great!

You’ve made the commitment and you are seeing results. Be proud of your accomplishments! You work hard and your practice is improving, but this is no time to rest on those laurels. Most of these tips will work together to help you take the leap from good to great, in any practice not just fitness. These 6 tips will help you take your Pilates Practice to the next level.

Goals: In any endeavor, it is important to assess your goals every so often. If you have achieved your goal, set a new one. If you have not achieved your goal, reassess. Are your goals reasonable? If not, maybe break the large goal into parts. Not only will this allow you to reach your original goal, but it will help you build confidence on the way.

Be Detail Oriented: Pay attention to your regime and to factors that affect your body, and mental states and make changes to get the most out of your practice. Pay attention to your diet. Are you eating enough? Are you eating the right foods? It is easy to justify eating more when you are burning more calories. If you want to shed those last five pounds keep track of your calorie intake.

Keep Track: How will you know if you reach your goal if you aren’t paying attention? We aren’t just talking about counting calories either. Keeping track of your workouts will help you be accountable. Accountability can be a great motivator! If you tend to hit the snooze button instead of making it to that 6am Mat Class, tell your friends. If you know someone is going to ask you how that class was it will be easier to get up and go.

Switch it up: If your workouts are not as challenging as they once were your enthusiasm levels will drop and you might decide to pass. Switch up your routine to keep it fresh and stimulating, making it something to look forward too. Go outside of your comfort zone! Try a new type of class, even if you don't love it you will have grown.

Visualization: Visualize success; picture yourself achieving your goal. This works as well on the small scale as it does on the big picture. Talk to yourself; Out loud! If the last few reps or minutes on the treadmill are too hard say, “I will do this. I am strong.” The power of positive thinking and self talk are real!

Homework: Take your Pilates sessions home with you! Ask your trainer for stretches or exercises that you can do at home in between your sessions. You might have a demanding job where you spend a long time sitting in front of a computer, use Pilates to stretch out and destress at the end of the day. Or maybe you tend to stiffen up between your Pilates sessions, homework can help you maintain your flexibility. You will also see and feel yourself progressing faster.