Apple Watch Blog


So many of you know how long that I have been anxiously awaiting the Apple watch. Well, it arrived on a Tuesday afternoon while I was jumping up and down in anticipation. I was so excited that I could barely get the box open.

It was a beautiful moment; my breath caught in my throat as I slowly opened the case. So lovely, nestled in the pristine and iconic white packaging. I was instantly smitten. I could not wait to get it on my wrist. Once I did I just looked at it for a few minutes. J

I really wish I knew someone with an Apple Watch, so I can play with the digital touch messages. I promise an update as soon as I can. The animated text messages are fun and customizable. So I have been sending odd smiley faces at every opportunity.

I have yet to decide on a watch face that I love but being able to change the face quickly and change the color to match my outfit has been entertaining. I do like that each watch face has shortcuts to frequently used apps. And speaking of apps….

I am really digging the Activity and Workout apps. The Activity App uses the built in heart rate monitor, the accelerometer, and if in range the gps built into your iphone to measure your activity, calories, burned and time standing. (Sitting is the new smoking.) There are three rings. Red is calories burned. Green is minutes of exercise and blue is standing. Each goal is a adjustable. However, Apple Watch is supposed to be smart and offer new goals every Monday. The more you wear the watch the more accurate it becomes. I am super excited to see where my goals are after a month of wear instead of just shy of one week.

And now to my concerns… What does Apple mean by water resistant? Splash proof and sweat proof. I know Tim Cook says that he showers with his Apple Watch on, but I’m too nervous for that. Besides I’m sure he receives better customer service than I can expect.

Should you buy one? I don’t know.

I’ve been wearing a smart watch for the past year. I am comfortable with its and my limitations. Will it eliminate the need for your phone? Absolutely not. Is it a handy tool, a fun toy? Without a doubt.

As I have said in the past fitness trackers are highly personal devices and they are not for everyone. If you currently use one and are interested in expanding what your fitness tracker can do investigate the Apple Watch.

You can always take a peek at mine at your next Pilates Session!

Until next time Delta Dolls!

xoxoxo AB