Morning Routines.

Good morning friends!

Today's blog is all about your morning routine and how maintaining one can help keep you motivated and on track in your daily life.

Now we don't mean bust out a pen and paper and create a checklist that is 15 bullet points long. What we DO mean, is to establish a series of occurrences that you can do the same way every single day. By starting the day right, you maximize effective time of positive influence of the ritual on your day.

Setting the tone for the day is extremely important. The best strategy to do so is to form good habits enclosed in a morning routine.

Another reason why the morning is the best time to start changing your life is the existence of the body clock. Most organisms on this planet, including you, run in cycles. The daily 24-hour cycle is called the circadian rhythm and is responsible for a balance between eating, sleeping, and various other physiological processes.

The circadian rhythm of human willpower is simple. The amount of available willpower is the highest right after sleep. During the day, willpower is used and it reaches the minimum level in the evening. Therefore, people often break resolutions at the end of the day.

How often do you hear that someone ate healthy for the entire day only to consume tons of chocolate in the evening? This is the willpower’s circadian rhythm in action.

Thus, the morning is the best time to start the change that requires willpower. If we begin our day with a familiar series of events, we are less likely to "fall off the wagon" with our habits, goals, and ambitions for the day and are less likely to fail.

Routines can be as simple as waking up, having a good stretch, enjoying a cup of coffee, a shower, and then off to work. Or it can be much more elaborate. However you "morning", keeping it consistent will make all the difference in your day!