Pilates Etiquette

So you just joined the Pilates studio, and you’re really excited to begin your fun and challenging workouts. You’re happy to finally be getting back into shape, since it has been a little while (ahem, months) since you have had a good exercise routine going. Your scheduled class appointment is coming up, and you realize that you don’t know what to expect. Here is where we can help you out for the first timers, or even those of you who may need a refresher.

What to wear:

You look into your exercise clothes drawer, and notice that all you have are your old baggy t-shirts and a pair of ill-fitting sweatpants. However, it is important to know that the best attire for a Pilates is form fitting tops and bottoms. This is important because your instructor needs to see your shape and alignment in order to make sure you are executing the movement correctly. Clothing that is too baggy can actually be counter productive, as they will be revealing (yes, revealing) and even making it a little more difficult to use the equipment. Your new lulu pants with the super trendy zippers may look fabulous, they will end up jabbing into you and causing pain and discomfort! The key is to try to and be as comfortable as possible, so find something that is form fitting, but not too tight, as, you know, breathing is important. Also, no shoes are worn during class but toe socks are acceptable. Examples from Nordstrom Zella:




So you’re really excited because your boyfriend finally proposed, and he gave you a jaw-dropping rock to show off on your finger (which we totally understand). However, wearing accessories during your Pilates session is discouraged. Too much jewelry can be distracting when you workout, and some of it can get caught in the equipment. Keep it simple: you’ll be able to show off your bling in no time.


It is encouraged to refrain from strong scents, since others in the studio may have allergies to them. Also avoid excessive amounts of lotion because it rubs off onto the equipment. (Don’t forget your deodorant, though).


Sure, you have long, beautiful locks, but getting that caught in the springs is going to be one painful experience. So, hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or a bun for your session!


The ambiance of a Pilates studio is serene and peaceful. It is common courtesy that while you wait, be mindful of those working out and don’t be loud. Also, it is recommended to have your phones be silenced for the duration of your session as well.


We try to keep our studio area in pristine condition, and we ask that you don’t bring food into the studio. Besides, Pilates focuses on your core, so being stuffed before coming in isn’t recommended!