Workout Friendly Makeup Tips

We all know it is a bad idea, but we do it anyway. Who has time to wash her face before a workout? Isn’t it enough that we squeeze a workout in?

Here are 4 tips for workout friendly make up:

  1. Don’t wear heavy foundations, concealers, or blush at the gym. Besides blocking your pores and irritating your skin, it can streak. Streaky makeup is not flattering on anyone.

  2. If you can’t take the makeup off before the workout make sure to wash your face after the workout! Getting hot and sweaty during a workout will open your pores making your face easier to clean, a bit like getting a steam facial.

  3. Waterproof eye makeup. Eyeliner and mascara will run faster than you do. Not to mention it stings when it gets in your eyes!

  4. Going outside? SPF 30 or higher is a must! A water resistant formula is a good idea too.