Wrist Pain

Do your wrists hurt when holding a plank for too long? Maybe you have to shake your wrists after the Long Stretch Series on the reformer?

Regardless of which apparatus you are working on, many of the Pilates exercises place pressure on the wrists. Here are a few tips:

  1. Are you pushing yourself too hard? If you are new to Pilates you may need to build strength in your wrists. Slow & steady wins the race!

  2. Proper set up is important! Keep your wrists in line with your shoulders, and press through the palm and fingers equally. Lifting your fingers forces the heel of the hand to bear the weight and leads to pain.

  3. Modification may be the key. For some, working with the hands in a fist or holding dumbbells will work for mat work. During a session ask Alexis, for homework!

  4. The last resort: WAGS. If you absolutely need extra support check out the Wrist Assured Gloves, the provide cushioning and support.