Facts about Pilates....

As if we needed any more reasons to love Pilates, we have compiled a list of unique reasons why Pilates is so incredible for you. Of course, it is an incredible workout that will help you to look and feel amazing - but it is so much more than that. Here are some interesting facts about Pilates that you may not have known!

Core, core and more core! If you're looking for a regiment that will be focused on your midsection, then you've come to the right place. Pilates is centered entirely on your stomach and abs and is proven to work your core more than any other workout!

It can ease your back pain - that's right! A strong core equals a happier back. Researchers believe that by stabilizing the core's lumbar-pelvic (lower-back) region, Pilates alleviates stress on the area and ups mobility.

It's easy on your joints. Slow and controlled movements put minimal impact on your joints. Bonus if you're using the Pilates reformer, you get padding that takes pressure off of the back and knees.

Pilates urges you to focus on your breath, your body, and how they move together. It takes a lot of concentration allowing you to "zone out". That means you're forced to forget about work, bills, boyfriends, and other drama for a full hour. Ahh.

It improves your performance in every other workout you do during your week. With a stronger core, you can run faster, your yoga is on point, and overall, the rest of your workouts improve.

As we said before - you didn't need any more reasons to love Pilates - but now we think the decision is clear.

We'll see you in the studio :)

Hydration - and why it's so important!

We have all heard that it is very important to stay hydrated, and most of us at this point do our part daily to keep our H20 intake up to par. But have you ever wondered why it is SO important to be hydrated?

Here are some fun facts about being well hydrated and why it is necessary.

We can start with the simple fact that your body depends on hydration to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to function and work properly. If that isn't enough, how about the fact that staying hydrated helps to combat fatigue. It's true! It gives your body the fuel it needs to maintain energy and performance levels - lessening the likelihood of pain and lethargy.

Weight loss! When our cells are depleted of water, they cannot create the energy we need to function, and so they send a signal to the brain to ‘get more goods.’ This means you will eat more, and likely carry some extra unwanted pounds. To avoid this, simply stay hydrated and your cells will stay happy and not send ‘fat signals’ to the brain. Further, and more obviously, replacing other drinks with water will help naturally keep the weight off. Some water with lemon each morning can be especially beneficial.

Hydration also has a significant impact on our skin. Staying sufficiently hydrated can greatly reduce acne, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and premature aging of the skin – with proper hydration, the skin practically glows. Without it, our skin cannot properly rid itself of toxins and so it becomes irritated, inflamed, and congested, causing a host of unsavory results ranging from itching, blackheads, redness, acne, and general blotchiness.

We could go on. Long story short - the benefits of staying hydrated are almost endless, and it's a foolproof way to keep your body working, looking, and feeling its best. Drink up!

Tips for reducing stress

Relax. You deserve it, it's good for you, and it takes less time than you think.

You don't need a ton of time or to spend tons of money at a spa or retreat. Each of these stress-relieving tips can get you from OMG to OMMM in less than 15 minutes.

Meditate - A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. Even a quick 10 minute session over your lunch break. It is clinically proven to reduce stress, improve your overall mood, and even boosts your immune system!

Breathing Deeply - Take a 5-minute break and focus on your breathing. Deep breathing naturally slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure - so good for high levels of stress or anxiety.

Gratitude - Life gets hectic. Sometimes in the midst of our crazy, we lose sight of the things we have in our lives that bring us such joy. Stop once a day and say out loud (or to yourself) at least 5 things you are grateful to have in your life. It can be a spouse, a grand baby, a dog, a book...anything. Having a grateful mindset is an incredibly effective way to reduce stress.

We don't realize how much stress can inhibit our bodies and minds from functioning at their highest capacity. Whether we are on a fitness journey, a healing journey, or a completely unrelated journey, these tools can help significantly decrease your stress levels and allow you to be the best version of yourself every single day.

Natural Energy Boosters

One of the most frustrating things is when you get your recommended 8 hours of sleep, but the next day you can’t help but to feel like a walking zombie. You have your morning cup of coffee (or more) and you still can’t shake the feeling of wanting to crawl back into the comfort of your bed. This can be hard when going to work, and even harder to make yourself get up and knock out your daily workout! The good news? There is something you can do about it; below are 7 healthy, natural energy boosters that can make you feel good and recharged in no time!

Oat Straw Extract: This is known to keep your brain more alert and function more fully, making you much less prone to a mid day crash.

Apples: These have two different B-vitamins in them, which turn food into energy as well as create red blood cells that keep your body strong and energized.

Sweet Potatoes: These have complex carbohydrates in them, which take longer than simple carbohydrates to digest. Because of this, they provide the body with more energy for a longer period of time.

Bee Pollen: Bee pollen has it all; from protein, to carbohydrates, to B-vitamins, there is enough in this substance that can help fight fatigue all day long. Try sprinkling some in a smoothie!

Rhodiola Rosea: This one might be new for some of you, but research has shown that this natural gem actually multiplies your energy molecules- amazing!

Spirulina: This actually has the highest concentration of protein in the world and consists of 40 nutrients, so it is a natural powerhouse! Ginger: Ginger is known to keep your arteries from swelling, which in turn keeps your blood circulating with a clear blood flow; the feeling ultimately leaves you feeling clear and energized!

Pilates & Other Activities

Have you been outside lately? The weather is gorgeous! Isn't this weather the reason we all live here!

One of the best things about Arizona is that you can enjoy the outdoors. The weather and temperatures at this time of year is so inviting and it is great to be able to take your workouts outside in the fresh air.

There are so many outdoor activities to do in Phoenix that sometimes it is hard to pick a favorite. The best part? No matter your preference or what your sport is, Pilates can help!

A few of the benefits of cross training with Pilates:

  • Muscles will develop more evenly and efficiently
  • Improved focus and body-awareness
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased breath control
  • Faster Recovery time

Why should runners do Pilates?

One of the greatest benefits for runners is improved breathing. Many runners breathe from the chest, while Pilates will teach you to breathe from the diaphragm; taking advantage of both will enable you to use more of your lung capacity.

Pilates will also strengthen the quadriceps and hip abductors. These muscles support the knees while running, and strengthening them can help prevent injury. has a comprehensive list of running events:

Golf and Pilates

Working on your swing? Try Pilates! Pilates strengthens the core and increases spinal mobility, both of which will help you increase distance and accuracy in your swing.

If you are looking for a course in AZ, check out’s list of the Best Public Courses in Arizona.

Walking and hiking both use many of the same muscle groups as running and golfing, especially if you walk the course. Sports enthusiast or not, everyone can benefit from a stronger core.

Most everyone has experienced neck or back pain at some point and has wondered what to do about it. Strengthen your powerhouse! Your powerhouse helps to balance and stabilize your body.

2017 New Year's Resolutions

Every year I write down one overall goal for the year and then I write down 10 steps to achieve that goal.

This year I want to be happy...

  1. Be grateful. Don’t take anything for granted.
  2. Stop comparing myself to others. Be the best version of ME!
  3. Get rid of the negativity. Find the silver lining.
  4. Surround myself with people who make me feel good and inspire me to be better.
  5. Find new activities that make me smile. Stop engaging in behaviors that don’t.
  6. Be active. Endorphins. ;-)
  7. Learn to forgive…myself and others.
  8. Compliment others and accept compliments.
  9. Make a conscious decision to be happy.
  10. Do more Pilates!