School's back in session!

It's that time of year, we're heading back to school! While, this year will certainly look different than other years, there are still many familiarities to enjoy. I love the return of a set schedule which helps to keep me on track. I thoroughly enjoy everyone's back to school photos on social media - it's so great to see my feed flooded with smiling faces! I am also looking forward to cooler temps on the horizon, though that may be a little wishful thinking.

This is a great time of year to recommit to your wellness goals as traveling winds down and the schedules return to some normalcy. Here at Delta Pilates, we can assist you in setting the next goal or milestone in your wellness journey with concrete steps a proven track record of success. Reach out today to schedule an Introductory Session or to reestablish your Pilates practice!

How to keep your motivation from melting!

Well it is officially 117° here in Scottsdale this week! I don't know who came up with the term "dry heat" but it doesn't ring true for me. So, how do you keep your fitness goals in mind when you just want to melt into a puddle?

  1. Keep it simple! Write down a few small action steps you can do each week to keep working towards your goals.
  2. Keep it cool! If there is one great thing about living in the Valley it is the abundant supply of pools! Work on some underwater moves to help increase your resistance while staying cool.
  3. Keep hydrated! Water and electrolytes are key to keeping your body happy while you're staying fit in the heat. Lastly...
  4. Keep your appointments! Delta Pilates has offered virtual appointments since its inception to help keep our clients on their journeys and support them no matter where their travels lead. Keeping a dedicated appointment on the calendar helps to build accountability and structure.

Call us today to see how we can help you maintain an active fitness journey! 480-455-0155 or

Spring has sprung!

Hello friends! It is officially spring time in the Valley. We are ready to get you prepped for all of your favorite warm weather sports. We will come up with a customized plan to help you maximize your sport (or leisure!) days and keep you moving pain-free. We will take your activities, goals and interests to help you develop a Pilates schedule and, as needed, a home program. We are here to help whether you're adding a day of pickleball to your existing routine or training for a triathlon. Let us know how we can help you!

New Year - New Opportunities!

Well that was quite the interesting year we just had! We learned some new terminology (that I could have done without), figured out how to Zoom, reconnected with loved ones, and navigated an entire obstacle course with highs and lows.

In years past, you have no doubt seen advertising messaging touting the "New Year, New You!" mantra. In light of the year we just had, I would like to propose a different message: "New Year, New Opportunities." We may have had some of the last year's challenges thrown at us faster than a wrecking ball or we may have handled every curve ball with dexterity and sure-footedness. We may still be picking up some of the pieces from last year or reshuffling where they landed - and that is OK. I encourage you to take this time to sift through the rubbles of missed opportunities: special occasions that were downsized or cancelled, job prospects that came or went, a friendship that strengthened or struggled, self-care that flourished at home or fell by the wayside. Even if the outcome was not ideal at the time, can you look at the situation now and see what opportunities can arise from it?

In business school, they teach the SWOT matrix which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. I think we have had enough of the weaknesses and threats to last for a while. Instead, I encourage you to look for the opportunities and reclaim your strengths. I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year and I'll be here to help however I can.



Feeling like fall, y'all!

It's been so, so, sooo very hot here in Scottsdale this summer. I know what you're thinking - it's always hot here! - so why does it seem so different this year? I think the challenging events of this year have added to what is already a rough time of the year in our lovely Southwest state. Many people have realized the challenge that comes with "Zoom fatigue" or uncertainties surrounding work and school or even just missing your yearly summer vacation to a new destination. Everything seems to have compounded a bit more this year because it is a lot to take on at once.

My advice as we start heading into fall is to make sure you are taking time to care for yourself and let things go that no longer serve you (like 115 degree days). Take some quiet time to set intentions and goals for the last quarter of the year. There may be challenges that arise that you will need to overcome but guess what? We have already done that this year and we can handle any upcoming challenges with the new skillsets we acquired while having to adjust and pivot on the fly. Staying healthy is one of the best ways to fight stress and keep feeling like you are in charge of your life. Let us help you manage your health goals and stay well as we head into fall so that you can be your best self in the new (hopefully less challenging) year ahead.

Staying grounded during challenging times

Everyone has a lot on their plate right now. I've heard many clients dismissing their own valid concerns with harmful language suggesting that their issues are not "as bad" or "important" as someone else's. There is no scale. There is only what we can control and what we cannot. When we focus on what we can control, we allow ourselves to stay tethered to our own issues (read: not worrying if you see someone in Target not following the rules) and let others' issues just be. They have their own full plate to deal with today.

Things I cannot control (so I can let go for my own sanity):

  • If others follow the rules of social distancing
  • The actions of others
  • Predicting what will happen
  • How much hand sanitizer is at the store
  • How long things will be out of sorts
  • How others react to news, social media, school stats, movie theater openings, restaurant attendance, etc. etc. etc.

Things I can control (so I will focus my energy on these areas to help me stay grounded):

  • My attitude and maintaining a positive outlook
  • How I follow guidelines to stay healthy
  • Limiting excessive news or social media exposure
  • Staying healthy by maintaining my Pilates practice
  • Allowing myself to disengage from people or situations that don't serve the list above

How are you staying grounded? Are you remembering to breathe? We have virtual sessions available every day of the week with all major time slots available. Even if you just want to check in and make sure you're doing your breath, MELT Method, Pilates homework or your favorite stretch sequence correctly, we're here for you!