Pilates on Vacation

Now that it has hit 100 degrees here in Scottsdale, it is time to start thinking about Summer Vacations. Whether relaxing on beautiful sandy beaches or exploring big cities in exotic locations is your thing here are a few tips to take your Pilates practice with you.

  1. A Pilates Mat will fit into your suitcase and so will your Power Circle! A standard large suitcase is 78 centimeters in length and the average length of a mat is 68 centimeters. This leaves plenty of room for all of those super cute bikinis! Another benefit of all of the Mat classes you have taken, you have the exercises memorized and can now do them anywhere: in your hotel room, in Central Park, or on the beach.
  2. Try Stand-Up Paddle boarding (SUP). Challenge your core strength and balance while exploring beautiful sites on beach vacation. Paddle boarding has much in common with Pilates. Continuous engagement of the stabilizing muscles of the powerhouse, working the whole body, and engages the mind. It can also be your daily dose of cardio without your even realizing it.
  3. Take the mat out of your suitcase and head to the beach! The sand will lessen the impact on your joints while challenging your balance. Use your kids’ beach ball as a stability ball to add another degree of challenge to your workout.
  4. Still not sure how to take your Pilates on Vacation? Ask Alexis during your next session for some tips on the best way to maintain your practice while away!